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animated short movie, UK, 2015

work. original soundtrack

Animator and director. Micky Wozny

Clarinet. Luca Cipriano

Synopsis: A nervous man is preparing to ask a very important question when he is
interrupted by a rather mischievous squirrel

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UnluckyAndrea Filippucci
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andrea filippucci unlucky ok.jpg

This is my first collaboration with the students of animation at Sheffield Hallam University: a delicate and romantic short movie animated and directed by the talented Micky Wozny.

On request of Micky, I composed an instrumental piece that has exaggerated character and comical timing to enhance the animation and to help narrate the story.
I winked at the Scott Bradley’s orchestral style, particularly at his soundtracks for the Tom & Jerry cartoons.

I merged the ‘40s american swing and the “mickeymousing” soundtracks of the golden hollywood era cartoons, making extensive use of syncs.
The absence of any sound effects makes my work harder and very challenging.

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