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Nimble Fingers

documentary, 52', Italy/Vietnam

release date. 2017

work. original music (with Eugenio Vatta)

director. Parsifal Reparato

About the movie:
Nimble fingers belong to the Vietnamese women who work in factories owns by some of the most popular electronic brands. Thousands of young migrant workers come from a remote village on the highlands of Northern Vietnam. Now they lives in a Hanoi suburb, a district developed around one of the biggest industrial production sites in the world. Thes worker' life strictly follows the rules of the great Industrial Park. Every single woman is apparently following a stereotype of tireless work and obedience to keep up with the pace of industrial production. Step by step the movie reveals the bases upon which the productive chain is built: the conditions in which the young workers are into, the tight control and the difficulties on the workplace.
—Parsifal Reparato


Quarto StatoAndrea Filippucci/Eugenio Vatta
00:00 / 01:42
andrea filippucci nimble

The film crew was never allowed to shoot inside the factory, so the director Parsifal Reparato had a brilliant idea: telling the assembly line through some animations (result of a drawing workshop with the young workers) who break up the narrative rhythm of the film at several points.

The director's need was clear from the beginning: a single piece of music that would act as a common thread for all the animations. Together with the other composer Eugenio Vatta, under time pressure, we immediately directed our musical research towards an electronic sound.

The animation represents the repetitive and unsustainable daily activities inside the factory, which we reproduced in music.
Then we differentiated the various moments which in the film depict a sort of crescendo. So, from the first short drawings, in which there is mainly ambient music, we arrive at the final animation, accompanied by a more present rhythm and a richer arrangement, which you can hear in the player.

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