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Love Games

animated short movie, UK, 2016

work. original soundtrack

Animator and Director. Dan Hodgson

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This is my second collaboration with the students of animation at Sheffield Hallam University.

Dan was looking for a piece of music inspired by 1950's cartoons. Tom & Jerry, along with Looney Tunes and many other old cartoons, were our first exposure to classical music, so I chose to use a symphonic orchestra (with a very large percussion organic). 

In the process of composing I blended the classical language with a hint of jazz and I’ve synchronized a lot of actions with the music, especially with brass staccato, string pizzicato and percussions.

A caring yet easily distracted bonehead wants to show his devoted girlfriend how much she means to him by buying her the perfect gift. Their relationship is jeopardised however when an unlikely contender makes a play for his love.

Listen to my soundtrack

Love GamesAndrea Filippucci
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