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Il Ribelle

documentary, 72', Italy

release date. 2011

work. original music (with Eugenio Vatta)

director. Giancarlo Bocchi

About the movie:

Documentary about the life of Guido Picelli, italian anti-fascist and politician.

The adventures of a man, who was a leading light in the history of twentieth-century Italy and Europe, fought untiringly for the affirmation of social justice and opposed every form of totalitarianism. The first supporter in Europe of the idea of the "Popular Front", the perpetrator of sensational, heroic gestures, a precursor of Che Guevara, he managed to avoid lethal Fascist ambushes while attempting to persuade Italy to rise up against Mussolini. During the Spanish Civil War, at the head of the Garibaldi Battalion, he won significant victories at the Madrid front. On the 5 January 1937, while he was preparing an attack against Franco's troops, he was shot dead by a bullet in the shoulder near his heart. Using secret documents and unseen footage, this film recounts for the very first time, the story of a forgotten hero, a "rebel" whose death has always been shrouded in mystery.

Il Ribelle


SperanzaAndrea Filippucci
00:00 / 02:28
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