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Belva Nera

documentary, 35’, Italy/Argentina, 2013
work. additional music and acoustic guitars

directors. Alessio Rigo de Righi e Matteo Zoppis
music composer. Vittorio Giampietro

“To write the soundtrack for 'Belva Nera' felt like being thrown back into a Western movie. All the characters and the landscapes of Vejano reminded me of an Italian 'western-ish' lifestyle, where people live free, in free lands. That's why I choose the whistle and the guitars for the main theme.”
- Vittorio Giampietro


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andrea filippucci BELVA NERA ok.jpg

I played the acoustic guitar and arranged the main theme for guitar, as you can listen to during end titles.
The theme begins with the simple melody, notes by notes, but after 18 seconds an additional guitar introduces a repetitive arpeggio until reaching a crescendo, a more present rhythm and a melody doubling one octave higher. I slightly modified the harmony during some passages, in order to create more dissonance, tensions and resolutions.

“Once more the guitar underlines the life of this wonderful old people, Ercole in particular, who just wants to live free, until he dies, on his own land.” - Vittorio Giampietro

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